Creative CV Mike Wardi

Naast de webmaster van deze site, geeft Mike tevens les aan de dansgroepen Sinar Anyar in Amsterdam en Sang Rasa in Almere. Over zijn artistieke ontwikkeling lees je hier (in het engels).

Creative C.V. Mike Wardi

  • Zaandam - The Netherlands - phone +31 6 275 96 205

Mike teaches classical Central Javanese dance classes to two dance groups in the Netherlands, dance group Sinar Anyar in Amsterdam and Sang Rasa in Almere City. Central Javanese court dances and gamelan music is his specialty. Mike is also the webmaster of this site.

After 10 years studying martial arts (judo and taekwondo), Mike decided to study indonesian dances. In the Netherlands all Indonesian dances and music styles are taught by private organisations. At the Royal Tropical Insititute in Amsterdam private teachers were hired for the South East Asian dance classes. Mike took classical Sundanese dances first and soon took extra classical Central Javanese court dances. After studying the Central Javanese court dances for a year, Mike took central gamelan music lessons to understand the intermix with classical Central Javanese dance and gamelan music.

After completing the basic Central Javanese dance competences training, Mike and some dance colleagues founded the dance group Sinar Anyar where they teach and dance with till date. Mike created a website to support the classes as the website contains background information about dance and music.


  • Teaching and performing Central Javanese modern and classical court dances. in the dance styles of the sultan’s palace of Surakarta, Indonesia: putra halusan & gagahan (male refined & course dance style) and putri (female refined dance style). Dance repertoire is from the Panji epic, from the Mahabharata epic, from the Damar Wulan epic, modern love and battle dances.

  • Creating new choreographies based on classical court dance movements, modern gamelan music compositions and popular Indonesian music style (like dangdut).

  • Performing Central Javanese gamelan music on these instruments: saron (demung, peking and barong), slenthem, bonang (panerus and barong), kethuk, kempyang andkenong, kempul and gong.

  • Performing West Javanese classical and modern dances with influence of pencak silat style (Indonesian martial art).



Co-production of dance drama Jabang Tutuka (Gatotkaca’s birth) to be performed in 2018/2019.


Organizing, programming and performing in annual Concert Gamelan and Dance from Central Java in Amsterdam.


Organizing dance workshops for the dutch Disney’s Lion King musical cast. In these workshops the participants learnt basic male Central Javanese court dance techniques to incorporate in their roles’ dance movements as there are similarities in the musical’s dance movements and Javanese dance.


Participating as dancer with bold choreography in pre tv-show audition So you think you can dance. Unfortunately not selected for TV audition due to the huge amounts of candidates but highly praised by the professional jury.


Participating as Javanese court dancer in Heineken commercial Around the world.


Interview for dutch KITLV press agency Migratie en cultureel erfgoed (Migration and cultural heritage).


Particpating as Javanese court dancer in national dutch tv show Kaaskoppen en Waterlander depicting Multatuli’s Max Havelaar Saidja & Adinda role.


Participating in local Amsterdam tv show Stem van de Javanen (Javanese people’s voice), profile of Mike and his dance group.


Participating in local Amsterdam (MTN) tv show, interview with Mike and his dance group.


Costume design for dutch music act Loïs Lane for Endemol’s national tv show Global Dancing with the Stars.


Radio interview for local radio station Bangsa Jawa ing Amsterdam.


Teaching Javanese dance choreography for Costa cruises entertainment group, Genoa, Italy.


Participating in Floriade 2002 (dutch national agriculture and flowers exhibition) by Indonesian National Comittee Floriade 2002.


Indonesian dances presentation for French travel agency, Issoire, France.



Study of the Central Javanese court dance choreographies, both male and female court dances, including love, battle, mask, solo and group dances as taught at the Central Javanese courts and dance academies.


Study of Central Javanese gamelan music with gamelan ensemble Wiludyeng, teacher mrs. Greet Voskuil.


Study of Central Javanese court dances with dance group Anaraga (teacher mr. Hans Matray) at Royal Tropical Instute in Amsterdam.


Study of Sundanese (West Javanese) classical dance at Royal Tropical Instute in Amsterdam with teacher Mr. Ari Suryo.



Letter of Appreciation by Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia for participating in Aksi Mbangun Jogya (benefit fund raise for Indonesian tsunami victims in 2005).


Honourship for participating in Floriade 2002 (dutch national agriculture and flowers exhibition) by Indonesian National Comittee Floriade 2002.


Certificate for particating in Dutch Cultural Week at the JW Mariott Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia



Dancer, teacher with dance group Sinar Anyar (Amsterdam)


Dancer, teacher with dance group Sang Rasa (Almere City)


Chair of gamelan ensemble Wiludyeng (Amsterdam)


Board member and musician of gamelan ensemble Wiludyeng (Amsterdam)


Dancer with Central Javanese dance group Anaraga (Amsterdam)